About chuuu

  • 1975 chuuu was born in Kyoto Japan, and grew up in Kyoto.
  • 1994-1998 Kyoto Seika University design manga class.
  • 1997 Established design team"button" activities in Kyoto and Tokyo.
  • 1999 Geaduated from Kyoto Seika University, Work as freelance designer,T-shirts design, graphic design and web design.
  • 2003 Moved my activities to Berlin, participated some group exhibitions.
  • 2004 Got interest in live painting on Karneval der kultur Berlin.
    started live painting performance with hagemiho as "Dropshadows", mainly activities at Taheles Berlin.
  • 2005 stearted VJ work, turntable animation with his hand made device called "Guruguru Kun".
  • 2007 he participated to ODD as VJ and made PV of the music.
  • 2009-2012 Art working in Tacheles.
  • 2013 stearted Noize music from his live drawing.

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Chuuu,the theme of his works are nostalgia-ism and reconstitution.In his paintings and drawings,influenced by Lautrec,Beardsly,Saul Bass,Japanese Ukiyoe and Leonardo da Vinci's sketches,he expresses nostalgia by using techniques such as scraping and scaling paints,use dry impasto material to make crack surface,dye 60 years old paper with tea and use flat touches and intentionally unshaded image.Adding modern elements of manga and anime on those,that is his work.Mostly the background image is blank to accentuate the line of the body or shape.He uses Acrylics,Gouache,Aquarelle,Ink,Colored pencil,Tea,Oil,Magazines and more.

Chuuu was born in Kyoto Japan 1975.His base is now in Berlin.Because of his environment of childhood he had a strong awareness of freedom,creation and making things by himself. He was good in his hands since he was a child,cutting his rubber-robots into pieces and put different pieces together and making a new robot,uncoil a small motor and extend it to make a faster motor,create a small light for playing games in the dark.Since his uncle was an artist he had many chances to see paintings and printings,spontaneously,he started to draw pictures and manga by himself.While majoring manga in Kyoto Seika University (the only university that has manga major in Japan) he bought a computer, learned himself how to use applications and studied design on his own. After graduation,he worked independently by designing and painting. 2003 moved to Berlin and now he is here as an artist.